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Maitresse Madison loves ass worship, particularly deep anal tongue fucking. She’s had diarrhea all day and Her tender puckered anus is red and raw from so much use and wiping. Her slave wasn’t with Her at the time, so She’s happy to be back home to make good use of Her slave so he can tenderly nuzzle and tenderly kiss Her beautiful brown starfish. She’s already removed Her skirt and panties. First around the edges, and then onto of the sacred hole itself, and then slowly extending the tip of his tongue to the entrance of Her rectum. She wants to first have him soothe the raw flesh, which he does, tenderly and lovingly. Kissing Her anus as if it was the greatest kiss he’s ever had.
However, She warns him:
“You may get a little bit of something…extra, once you’ve loosened up my bowels slave. I feel some treats coming, you lucky toilet slave!”
She blasts his tongue with a small popping fart, which of course causes him to recoil and retch, but this angers Her:
“You smell every bit of that, pig. What the fuck do you think a slave is for? You are an object, a tool for me to use, and right now that is as a personal bidet and fart vacuum.”
She starts pushing Her ass back into his face, making sure he can’t escape Her ass. He has no choice but to deeply inhale and try to work through it as he tries snaking his tongue deeper inside the tiny hole. He is lapping at it, sucking on it, smelling it when another fart comes out, kissing it – Her anus is the center of his world and dominates all of his senses; smell, taste, sight, sound and his thoughts, as She hasn’t let the slave cum in a long time, and only takes his chastity off when he’s in bondage. This allows his cock to get hard again and dripping…only to have Her ice it and lick it back up once he is released from almost constant bondage. She also knows that it is important that he NEVER expect Her pussy, unless it’s to clean up from Her lovers, Her time of the month, discharge, etc. This helps him to get used to the strong smell and taste of Her well-used asshole, and for him to appreciate and crave the taste and smell of Her ass and Her .
She finally gets him down on the ground and is banging Her asshole onto his face and tongue, making audible smacking noises. She pauses and lets out a looooong, silent fart that can be heard whooshing, and the slave retches so hard it seems he may throw up, but he goes back to his tongue fucking, finally satisfying the Maitresse who leaves the dirty pig slave to stew in Her juices.
Category: ASS EATING
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