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HeadMistress Ravyn Alexa is helping to counsel a married couple that has been having problems. Having had Her formal training at Femdom University, She has prescribed “Male Re-Education” for the loving couple. This has entailed enslaving the husband, giving the wife COMPLETE control, teaching the husband to respect and worship women; especially his now very Dominant wife.
He has been chained to a massage table and awaiting his “Ass Re-education” aka as ass worship. HeadMistress Ravyn is telling Mistress Winnie that this training is just one part of a methodical process to retrain and re-educate the male, perfected in the labs of Femdom University.
“We’ve already had the slave worship our feet, clean them and now it’s time for it to honor our asses. I think the best ass worship position is one where We are on top of the slave’s face, it can’t breathe and all it can do is scream and gasp for our into our crotches and give us orgasms. Let me show You how it’s done.”
She climbs on top of the prone slave, hooded, collared, leashed and chained on his back with his hands over his head. She straddles him with Her beautiful bubble-butt, holding it menacingly over his face while She explains to Mistress Winnie:
“You want to seal the air off completely, so make sure to sit down aggressively and its mouth and nose into your crotch to ensure that not a single molecule of oxygen passes into its lungs. If it blacks out, just let it breathe a while, and then, when it wakes up you can start again. Well, if you want to hear it scream at least you want to wait for it to wake up but You don’t have to.”
She then suddenly, and with great , slams Her ass down onto the slave’s face. Surprising him and causing him to expel all of his air as She seals his airways shut. The two laugh heartily at this, as the slave quickly runs out of oxygen and starts flopping around like a fish out of water as Miss Ravyn casually lands blow after blow with the flogger on his exposed stomach and steel chastity. She tells Mistress Winnie to start counting down longer and longer smothers until She gets up to 3 minutes.
“Here, You try Mistress Winne”
Mistress Winnie climbs atop Her slave husband, straddles his face with Her tight athletic ass and sits down gently on the slave’s face. But Miss Ravyn tells Her to show the slave “who’s boss” and slams down onto his face, completely obscuring his face, as Her face lights up with his screams, She starts flogging his stomach repeatedly.
But Mistress Winnies is clearly getting turned on doing this and starts grinding on the slave’s face and She starts moaning in pleasure at seeing Her husband struggling for air helplessly beneath Her. She senses he is close to blacking out and rises up just enough to let him get a couple of lung-fulls of air before mashing Her camel-toed yoga panted crotch back onto the slave’s face as She is clearly approaching a climax.
She changes positions, backwards and forwards several times. Miss Ravyn gives a couple of assists, pushing the slave’s face deeper into his Mistress’ ass and holding his nose closed while his wife smotherers his mouth with Her yoga pant-covered pussy. She climbs atop his chest at the end to get a nice foot cleaning and foot gagging session with the slave, and finally slides off him, tossing the flogger onto his pathetic chest they leave him to contemplate his future life as toy and object for the use and amusement of his now-Dominant wife.
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