We are excited to add yet another new Mistress to the DomNation roster. The beautiful and intoxicating Mistress Storm from Southern California. She is as stunning as she is sadistic. See for yourself! Very few Dominas can “punch the paunch” with the intensity of Mistress Storm. Bound tightly to a steel bondage rig, her beer bellied slave has no choice but to endure a relentless barrage of punches to the abdomen and slaps to his chest. Blow after painful blow, she digs deep strikes into his solar plexus, visibly bruising them in mere seconds. At one point we literally thought he was going to throw up from the severe pummeling. This is as real as real gets it. Features: mixed boxing, mixed fighting, BDSM, verbal humiliation, female domination
Category: FEMDOM
Keywords: Dominatrix, Storm, Femdom, Punching, abuse, humiliation, corporal punishment, bdsm

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