Kelly Sunshine – Sniff Young Brat Heels

14 May, 2021
File Die

Umm, hi… What do you want? My parents aren’t home right now if you’re looking for them. I guess you can wait around, but, I’m leaving to go party soon so I don’t have much time to waste. Wait a second, I saw you waving goodbye to them when they left earlier. Have you been waiting around trying to get up the courage to come talk to ME? Are you some sort of pervert or something? You’re obviously way older than Me.. I guess I’m not surprised after the way you were staring at Me at the neighborhood picnic. Yeah, I caught you. You were with your wife, too! I know your type. You know what, though? I love taking advantage of men like you. I just snap My fingers and you do what I say! You’re drooling over this hot young body you WISH you could have. I know you want Me, the hot young brat next door. If you want Me, you’re going to obey Me. I noticed how much My high heeled sandals turn you on, so I want you to put your face in My shoe and take a deep whiff of My sweaty feet. I want you so addicted to the smell of My pretty young feet you can’t even get hard for your wife any more. Forget about her completely. Give Me everything.

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