Reality Girls Scissors – Ami Keeps Hurting Guys [Smothering]

The 19-year-old Ami is beautiful and she’s tall and she is a submission machine. We love her. Ad she is mad. Tiny girl Skyler was supposed to show to take what could only have been a devastating event for the weakling. And Ami wants to hurt a girl — she knows, her legs, her Size 10 feet, her quickness are too much for the girls she’s wrestled off-camera and that she will love hurting Skyler. But Skyler is a no-show and she can only beat up little Mickey, who at 5-nothing, 100-and-nothing, is close. She applies a long and perfect rear naked choke that Mickey taps in over and over as Ami only gives him small breaths. He can’t take her headscissors; she lifts him to his tip toes in her guillotine just to get him on the ground and take away any pride he might have had in lasting in her world-class straight headscissors. She turns him into a wimp. More guillotines and he’s dancing like a paper doll. He’s so scared in her standing headscissors that he laughs at him. She’s too strong for him; Bone Thin took a lot of pressure but admitted he’s afraid of her, which she talks briefly about here, sitting in a chair as Mickey tries to get his voice to work again. Her deep arches wrap around his neck and she pulls off The Electra, looking down at him in apathy and hurting his neck with the vicious hold. Only the Pocahontas might be a more dangerous standing foot choke, though Poca’s incorporates the peerless beauty’s shins). her headscissors hurt him. it is a humiliating route with Mickey trying to avoid her and her amused by her total ownership of him. Long front headscissors and rear naked choke — she stands on his throat and doesn’t want to stop. She stares at him coldly and he her and he decides it’s time for a break. We talk to Ami for a few seconds and she tells us what she thinks of Bone’s fear of her and what chances kyler has against her. With her figure four, calf chokes and more rear naked chokes she seems to try to turn Mickey into Skyler and finishes him forever with Ami. That’s Mickey and Bone as the young ripper continues breaking guys.
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